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Primer als Make-up Unterlage minimiert kleine Fältchen

Even Finish Primer - balancing primer

The Déesse Even Finish Primer is a balancing primer for an even, silky-matt finish. Skin imperfections are reduced, e.g. with enlarged pores or small wrinkles.

The Even Finish Primer can be used with or without make-up, the primer gives a radiant complexion.

Even finish balancing base

balancing, matting primer

Primers are beauty helpers

Primers are real all-rounders as beauty aids . They work like a soft focus for the face, refine skin irregularities, reduce enlarged pores, minimize small wrinkles and thus ensure a wonderfully even complexion.

But above all they ensure that the make-up is in place, because as the name from the English "to prime" suggests, the Even Finish Illuminating Primer provides an excellent primer under the Foundation.

It owes this first-class property to its powdery, matt texture made of microfine silicone particles with a proportion of nourishing oils from almond, avocado, argan and grape seeds .

In this way it can act as a leveling compound and lie on the skin like a thin film.

Wrinkles are filled and unevenness optically faded out, so that the facial skin immediately appears smoother.

In addition, the velvety soft consistency has the particular advantage that it combines optimally with the subsequent make-up and the foundation lasts significantly longer and better.

Beauty for the whole day

In addition, with the application of our new all-rounder, the make-up can no longer settle so easily in the wrinkles and can even withstand high temperatures.

So the perfect prerequisite to shine all day long with the cover images of women's magazines. However, if the make-up settles in wrinkles and lines, we have the right answer here as well: Eye and Lipfix Basis.

Application: Apply the day care after thorough cleaning. Then distribute a small amount of Primer evenly on the face and let it soak in briefly. Then apply the appropriate make-up as usual.

Essential components of the primer

  • Fruit acids (apple and lemon) - light peeling, renewal of cells
  • Lactic acid - makes the skin soft and elastic
  • Glucose (from grapes) - stimulates blood circulation
  • Fructose (from various fruits) - energizing
  • Vitamin C - improves blood circulation in the capillaries
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin E - radical scavengers, moisture-binding

Suitable for all skin types

Article no .: 120600, 20 ml

Light silicone oils, natural oils, light-reflecting pigments

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