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Protection & care for the skin

The beginning has been made: the first warming rays of the sun have already lured us outside. The sunlight tickles the pale skin, brings new energy, warmth and a good mood.

So that above all you can enjoy the sunny side of life and your skin survives every stay in the open air unscathed, it is now the task of our new sun protection products to do this.

Whether transparent, creamy or sparkling: with the absolutely high-tech sun products from Déesse you ensure that harmful UV rays have no chance of getting too close to your skin in the future.

Sun cream and care cosmetics

Sunny prospects

Déesse sun products offer:

  • Organic, non-hormone-active and mineral sun filters of the latest generation
  • Optimized balance between UVA and UVB filters
  • Comprehensive protection against IR rays
  • Efficient cell protection
  • Excellent care component
  • Tested on sensitive skin and very well tolerated

Déesse has done without:

  • Parabens
  • PEGs
  • Hormone-active sun filters
  • Artificial colors
  • Allergenic ingredients
  • Alcohol (except in the sprays, so that the spray head does not stick together, evaporates immediately)

Prevention is better than aftercare - modern U / V filters

Sun radiation is still one of the most important factors in skin aging, but it is also the easiest to deal with. Modern UV filters protect against UV radiation and thus also prevent the annoying signs of premature light-induced skin aging , such as the already mentioned pigment spots .

Protection from harmful rays

With our sun protection and care products for the highest demands you can enjoy the sunny side of life carefree.

Protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and avoid sunburn . With our sun care products your skin is protected and cared for after sunbathing. Especially after sunbathing and / or staying in sea water or a swimming pool, we recommend gentle cleansing when showering with our L-Shower-Products . These concentrates are soap-free and take long-term care of your skin.

Pre Tan

Tanning accelerator Sun express

Pre Tan - that is skin care before the sun. Pre Tan is for the face and body, it optimally prepares the skin for the sun. Pre Tan strengthens the skin's natural protective mechanisms and has a positive effect on moisture storage. Your tan will be particularly even and last a long time.

UV protection for sensitive skin

Protect your skin reliably against harmful UV rays and prevent sunburn:

Please read our Use instructions for sun care products, because only reach if used correctly The optimal protection for your skin.

Prevent light-related skin damage

Sun cream, body or face cream and other sunscreens , such as sun milk, are intended to prevent or at least reduce the negative effects of solar radiation, such as sunburn, blistering, aging or reddening of the skin.

Especially with fair-skinned people there is an increasing risk of skin cancer , especially with frequent, unprotected and intense exposure to the sun. Sunburns during childhood are to be viewed as particularly critical.

Light-related skin damage is triggered by UV rays. Sunscreens protect against this. The general rule is: keep moderation and stay in the shade more often.

After Sun Skin care

The skin needs to be cared for after sunbathing. It is precisely then that the heated skin needs cooling and freshness.

Sun protection in winter

Even in winter, your skin needs protection from UV rays:

Winter Combi Stick SPF 25

The sun protection products developed in Switzerland and produced by Déesse contain the latest available technologies for even more reliable protection, improved, more intensive care and tolerance.

The entire spectrum of protection is covered with these innovative sun protection products. Depending on the skin type, the respective possible stay in the sun must be observed.

UVA rays

They are responsible for tanning, but also for skin aging, the increased risk of skin cancer and the occurrence of sun allergies.

The amount of UVA rays remains constant, regardless of the season and latitude.

UVB rays

These enable the skin to tan and - without adequate protection - cause sunburn , i.e. considerable damage to the skin.

The amount of UVB rays varies depending on the time of year and day, altitude above sea level and latitude. The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of a sun product shows the level of protection against UVB rays.

Infrared rays

IR rays primarily transmit heat and are vital because they stimulate our microcirculation, among other things. Too much IR radiation damages the skin cells and accordingly makes them age faster.

Free radicals

Free radicals are produced by UV radiation and pollution, but also by an unhealthy lifestyle. They attack our cells and thereby cause wrinkled, gray skin that lacks elasticity. Anti-oxidants such as vitamins C and E or specific combinations of active ingredients offer effective protection against free radicals.

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