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His & Hers improves the complexion

The Déesse His & Hers care line is a special care for women, men with blemished skin and young people with problem skin.

His & Hers care line

Special care against blemished skin

Problem skin needs daily care

From a thorough cleansing to a soothing mask, the Déesse His & Hers care line offers all possibilities to improve the complexion and to bring the skin functions into their natural balance.

The daily use of selected cosmetics can help to achieve a clear complexion on problem skin in a short time.

Cleans and soothes the skin

Clarifying cleansing foam

The Déesse His & Hers cleansing foam cleanses the skin pore-deep. The cleansing foam has a refining effect and delays the greasiness of the skin. A cleansing with Skin type matching cleaning products helps with skin that is prone to blemishes.

The wonderfully freshly scented mint and rosemary cleansing foam from the HIS & HERS line thoroughly cleanses the skin of dirt and excess sebum and leaves a great feeling of freshness.

Article - Ingredients - Package sizes

No .: 123080, 150 ml menthol, rosemary oil, sage extract

Application : Apply 1-2 pumps of cleansing foam to the slightly dampened facial skin in the morning and in the evening and massage in gently. Then rinse off the foam with lukewarm water and clarify the face with the toner (tonic).

His & Hers cleansing foam cleanses oily, blemished skin pore-deep and leaves a feeling of freshness. With regular cleansing (morning and evening), the complexion is cleared and fat and impurities are reduced.

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Purifying tonic

The Déesse His & Hers Purifying Tonic regulates the skin pores and soothes the skin. This toner is highly recommended for oily skin, which is often blemished. The tonic does more than just cleanse the skin.

The facial tonic has a calming effect on the skin and helps the skin to regain its balance.

To match the His & Hers cleansing foam, clarify the skin with the His & Hers clarifying facial tonic. The skin-soothing properties not only clarify but also bring the skin back into balance and thus support a clear and even complexion.

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Article - ingredients - packaging sizes

No.: 123090, 200 ml

Witch Hazel Extract, Burdock Root Extract, Rosemary Oil, Menthol, Larch Mushroom Extract


Use: Apply a few splashes to the face and neck with a moistened cotton ball in the morning and evening after cleansing and remove the last residue of the cleansing foam. Avoid the eye area. Leave the applied tonic on and do not rinse off.

Mattiffying face cream

The Déesse His & Hers mattifying face cream can be used both as a day and night cream. Tocopherol serves as an antioxidant and has a moisturizing and skin-smoothing effect. Suitable for oily and oily skin with or without imperfections and combination skin.

The mattifying face cream refines the pores, hydrates and soothes the skin. The face cream is also ideal as a matting base.

To match the His [& Hers cleansing foam, the skin is clarified with the His & Hers Purifying Toner. The soothing properties not only clarify but bring the skin back into balance and thus support a clear and even complexion.

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Article - Ingredients - Pack Sizes

No.: 123130, 50 ml

Larch sponge extract, rosemary oil, mint oil, tocopherol

Application: Use as a day or night cream.

Citrus Night Cream

The Déesse His & Hers Citrus night cream with orange and grapefruit -Extrakt is a cream that is ideal for the care of blemished skin.

Due to the soothing effect on the skin, it is ideal for use on skin problems, sensitive skin and burning as well as itchy skin.

Calming and soothing

The citrus night cream has a calming and soothing effect and makes the skin velvety and soft. It is suitable for daily care for very oily skin. The perfume was achieved with natural, essential oils.

This light cream with bacterial balancing properties can also be used as a day cream because it is quickly absorbed, leaves the skin feeling well cared for and provides the skin with moisture. Due to the pleasant citrus scent it is also called "the good mood cream".

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Article - Ingredients - Package sizes

No .: 123170, 50 ml

Vegetable oil, citrus seed extract

Application : This universal cream is ideal for daily care. If the skin is very oily, dab off excess with a Kleenex.


No matter whether you are prone to pimples as a woman during the hormonal change, as a man you are plagued by irritation after shaving or as a teenager you feel uncomfortable due to impurities.

The Deesse His & Hers anti-spot gel has a calming effect on redness. The anti-pimple gel loosens skin hardened skin and prevents impurities. The tube opening makes it easier to use and allows precise application of the gel.

How do pimples develop?

Pimples can occur when bacteria or dirt get into the skin and new inflammations or even smear infections are caused.
In extreme cases, the skin can be severely injured that may even leave a scar.

Article - Ingredients - Package sizes

No .: 123060, 10 ml

Anti-Spot Complex, Salicylic Acid, Niacinamid

Application : Apply locally to the affected skin areas at the first signs of impurities and allow to dry. Repeat several times a day if necessary. Can be used under or over a care product.

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