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Cream gel for the eye area

The innovative texture of the Déesse Aqua Treatment Eye Cream Gel feels wonderfully light and refreshing. The cooling cream gel takes effect quickly.

Aqua Treatment eye cream gel

Moisture Gel for the sensitive skin around the eyes

Stimulates the microcirculation

Thanks to active ingredients such as the Eyeseryl complex ,

  • the microcirculation stimulates and improves
  • stabilizes the collagen and elastin framework
  • and free radicals in the skin are neutralized

Active moisture complex

The eye care of our popular aqua treatment series impresses not only with its effect with a moisture complex and also with the uncomplicated application: thanks to the lightness , fat-free formulation, the cream gel is immediately absorbed without leaving a film and can therefore be used under make-up without any problems.

With squalane and a active moisture complex , which is derived from Chlorella, apple and white lupine, this product is a real thirst quencher for normal and dehydrated skin.

Aqua Treatment eye cream gel can do even more!

Magical eyes

Anti-aging for the eye area

The eye cream gel strengthens the eye area and reduces puffiness and dark circles through the immediate effect of the extraordinary texture. Regular use of the Aqua Treatment Eye Cream Gel can even lead to a long-lasting reduction in bags under the eyes.

The dispenser specially developed for the Déesse Aqua Treatment line helps you to dose the eye cream gel perfectly.

Liftonin Xpress is considered a modern lifting agent. After a very short application time, the skin experiences a noticeable tightening effect . Small lines and wrinkles caused by dryness are reduced and this within a very short time.

Sensitive skin around the eyes

The skin of the eye area differs enormously from our facial skin . Since the skin around our eyes has few collagen and elastic fibers, this area is less elastic. In addition, it is 5 to 10 times thinner and less strong because there is almost no subcutaneous fatty tissue in the eye area .

The number of sweat and sebum glands is also greatly reduced. Accumulations of water or lymph fluid can therefore occur quickly. Puffiness under the eyes is perceived as unattractive and occurs especially in the morning.

Déesse recommends

Aqua Treatment Eye Cream Gel apply daily to the eye area after thorough cleansing in the morning and evening.

Ingredients - pack sizes

AT Eye Cream Gel is available in: 15 ml

Article no .: 121950

Cell Active Hydro refreshes, Liftonin tightens, Eyeseryl Complex reduces shadows under the eyes

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