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Facial cleansing is the secret to well-groomed, smooth skin

Face masks can smooth out wrinkles and improve blood circulation in the skin.

Face masks can have a regulating, purifying and stimulating effect and make the complexion of the face look younger and fresher.

Face masks & scrubs

are quick beautifiers!

Thorough and stimulating

Facial scrubs clean the skin thoroughly and stimulate the metabolism. This enables a better absorption of the follow-up care with the face cream tailored to the skin type. With face peeling and face mask (has an approx. 7-fold effect compared to a face cream) the skin appears smoother, healthier and younger - this is how it feels.

It is important to use the right face mask for your skin type. Déesse also offers effective masks for your face, neck and décolleté for your skin type and the respective phase of life.

Care essentials for the first wrinkles, for radiantly beautiful skin

Various environmental influences, stress, exposure to the sun, insufficient sleep leave traces on your skin. This usually results in wrinkles caused by tiredness, a pale complexion, dry or oily skin areas. This is where the peelings and face masks can help.

Fresh, relaxed skin

After a treatment with a Déesse care mask, the skin looks fresh and relaxed again. A care mask supplies the skin with vitamins and minerals.

Best possible effectiveness and high tolerance are the decisive criteria when using a face mask. There are masks for blemished, oily and acne-prone skin.

The necessary care substances ensure that the pores are clarified and cleaned.

Face masks

  • 120570 Apricot mask
  • 120640 Silvery mask
  • 120650 Anti-stress mask
  • 121930 Aqua Treatment gel mask
  • 120690 Moisturizing Mask
  • 121720 Caviar Intensive Mask


  • 120620 Peeling for sensitive skin
  • 120630 Apricot scrub
  • 120580 Enzymatic peeling
  • 120860 Body peeling with fruit enzymes

Vitalizing moisture


(120780) The Déesse anti-stress mask is a light gel mask that provides relaxation, provides the facial skin with intensive moisture and has a slightly cooling effect Has. Particularly noteworthy is the mask . Hyaluronic acid for a lot of moisture, on the other hand the horse chestnut, which allows this mask also for couperose (red veins).

Moisturizing mask

(120690) Who Apricot kernel oil loves, loves the moisturizing mask. The Hyaluronic acid and Cocoa butter gives the skin what it really needs, namely moisture.

This great mask can be used every day and does not necessarily have to be washed off. It is perfect as a "beauty mask for sleep".

Regulating deep cleansing

Silvery Mask

(120640) Is your skin prone to blemishes and blackheads? Then the Déesse Silvery Mask is cooling and activating, invigorating and cleansing for your facial skin.

The combination of camphor and eucalyptus oil results in a pleasant consistency and leaves the skin feeling fresh.


(120570) The Déesse apricot mask provides moisture on the one hand and counteracts skin impurities on the other. The high mineral content of the contained clay has the ability to absorb sebum and the contained kaolin works like a kind of "blotting paper". That is why the Apricot mask ideally suited for oily skin, but combination skin and normal skin will also enjoy this mattifying deep cleansing.

Fountain of youth & moisture power

Caviar Intensiv-Mask

(121720) The Caviar Intensive Mask - the small, luxurious break from everyday life! The combination of hyaluronic acid, peptides and the exclusive Caviar extract combats the signs of the times and nourishes the skin with moisture. The sturgeon is considered the gold of the sea and contains valuable vitamins, amino acids and proteins and lives happily on after the caviar extract has been extracted.


(121930) The Aqua Treatment Gel mask is a real thirst quencher for stressed skin. The algae extract ALGAE as well as the aloe vera, which has been tried and tested in skin care, is supported by hyaluronic acid and sweet grass.

Feelings of tension are relieved and the skin gets a kick of freshness.

Apply facial mask

Depending on skin type, apply the face mask 1-2 times a week to cleansed skin - preferably with the mask brush - leave it on and remove it with lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes. Masks loosen dead skin and rid the skin of excess sebum. The skin is also cared for. Then cleanse the face with a facial toner that matches your skin type. Then apply the matching face cream.

Shine again after peeling

with the three Déesse beauty heroes

Exfoliating for sensitive skin

(120620) As the name suggests, the peeling for sensitive skin is intended for all skin types, especially for sensitive ones. Fine peeling powder, embedded in an oil base, as well as easily biodegradable lactic acid, gently remove excess skin and small impurities.

Gently massage into the cleansed skin 1-2 times a month with moistened fingers, leave to take effect and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Enzymatic peeling

(120580) The exotic fruit enzyme complex made from papaya, pineapple and fig can remove flakes of skin and small impurities with the help of small particles without having a mechanical effect. Moisturizing glycerine takes care of this particularly gentle peeling.

Gently massage in a hazelnut-sized amount with moistened fingers once a week. Remove with lukewarm water. Can also be applied with the mask brush.


(120630) The apricot scrub is a wonderful peeling from the Apricot Line and thoroughly removes dead skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and velvety with a subtle scent of apricot. Also for hands & feet.

Gently massage into the cleansed skin 1-2 times a month with moistened fingers, leave to take effect and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Thanks to the activity of the enzymes contained in pineapple, papaya and figs - combined with the action of natural fruit acids, vitamins and minerals - the fruit enzyme complex forms the basis of the face especially developed peeling product.

Regine Grosch Déesse Consultant

Apply peeling properly

Spread the peeling on the cleansed face and neck (don't forget the nostrils). Then massage gently with damp fingertips and circular movements from bottom to top. Then wash the peeling thoroughly with lukewarm water. Cleanse the skin with a facial tonic, depending on the skin type.

A peeling is the most thorough way to rid the skin of dead skin cells and excess sebum. A «mechanical peeling» achieves this goal with the help of mechanical action of peeling bodies (for example rounded lava stones).

Gently peel off with peeling

A particularly thorough but very gentle peeling effect is achieved with the help of enzymes (enzymatic peeling). The abrasion effect is due to the «protein degrading» effect of enzymes.

The body's own horny substance consists of keratin (protein), which is dissolved by the enzymes. This gently loosens the dead skin, excess sebum and impurities.

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