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Body oil

The nourishing effect of a body oil goes back to antiquity - in the last few decades, however, the body oil has lost interest because it was too thick and too greasy for most people, did not spread well and was not absorbed properly .. .

Delicate body oil

... But that's over with the body oils of modern times: body oils are very well absorbed, can be distributed very well and care for the skin almost perfectly every day after showering or bathing. The basis of the fast-absorbing Déesse body oil is Jojoba oil, the purest oil in the world, which is a good choice especially for sensitive body skin due to its particularly good tolerance - as it is similar to human sebum. The high proportion of vitamins A and E ensures a moisture-retaining effect and the light consistency ensures that it is absorbed quickly and is easy to spread on the skin of the body.

Ceramides - the body's own fats - are part of the skin's protective barrier and have several tasks: from the inside they ensure that little moisture evaporates from the skin and from the outside they ensure that as few as possible pollutants from the environment (fine dust, bacteria, etc.) ) can get into the skin. The care component that Deese body oil contains consists of a moisturizing and moisture-retaining active ingredient - very similar to the structure of ceramides, so that the skin is well moisturized and supple, and it stays that way.

Incidentally, the body oil differs from the Deesse wellness body and massage oil in that a massage oil is heavier, because it should be longer stay on the skin for a relaxing massage, while the body oil is one of the drying oils that is light, is absorbed immediately and the clothing does not stick to the skin. So the Déesse body oil in its lightness with a pleasant scent is ideally suited for daily body care.

The application is simple: After showering or bathing, apply the Deesse body oil to dry or slightly damp skin, massage in, done!

A little tip from me : Before applying the Déesse body oil to the skin in the shower, use the Déesse wellness body peeling peel with fruit enzymes so that the excess skin cells are removed and the great body oil can be absorbed even better.

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