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Determine skin type yourself - with my support ;-)

and finally find the right skin care products :-)

3 skincare mistakes to avoid.

Because they damage your skin!

  • I assume you've tried a lot of cosmetics, from cheap to expensive, and nothing worked?
  • You've been to various beauticians, you felt comfortable there too, but - just when you got home - was your facial skin back to how it was before the cosmetic treatment?</ li>
  • have you often believed the advertising on TV or the Internet and tried these products? With the result that your skin didn't feel better afterwards or maybe even worse? And the purchase of the products was ultimately "a waste of money"?
  • You may think your skin is dry and reach for dry skin products, totally ignoring that while your skin is dry on your cheeks, forehead, and But your nose gets shiny during the day and you feel like you have to keep wiping the "oil" off your face?
  • Or do you suspect that you have combination skin and use products recommended for this skin type and notice that your skin is becoming more and more blemished over time?
  • In fact, no matter what you've tried, you still don't feel comfortable with the skin on your face?

You want facial skin that is rosy, healthy and "normal"?

Facial skin that is neither oily nor dry?

Which shows little or no blemishes and even small wrinkles look well-groomed?

Face skin that makes you feel good every time you look in the mirror?

You're wondering what cause you've overlooked so far?

First of all, my respect for the fact that after so much "trying out" you are still willing to deal with your facial care and you finally want to feel comfortable with your skin .

My experience after more than 19 years as a skin care expert and over 1000 satisfied customers tells me that these 3 mistakes are the most common ones that cause you to fail with your facial care are not satisfied:

Die für den Hauttyp passende Kosmetik finden

1. The "wrong" care products that are not tailored to your skin type

In times of drugstores, of TV and the Internet, of the variety of products, expensive and cheap, good and bad, natural and full of chemicals, you can lose track of which cosmetics Products are now good for the skin - for your skin in particular. You're standing in front of full shelves and just don't know what to take.

It's good for you that you know me now and you can recognize your skin type with simple tricks and tips from me.

Well, how does that sound?

2. The "wrong" use of care products

How does it actually work, the right facial care? When do you actually clean your face and how often and for how long? How is a face mask applied and why? Do I really have to "rub" my skin with a peeling or how does that work? And why do I need eye care? And what do I actually do with blemishes and blackheads?

I'm happy to help you not only to find the facial care cosmetics that are tailored to your skin type, but also the right application so that you can achieve your desired goals with the products.

3. Did you know that the skin needs about 6-8 weeks to get used to new care products?

That samples that you can only use once or twice are absolutely useless? Does that apply to you too, if you're honest? Try a product here, try a product there and stop again after two? Well, am I right?

And? Do any of these errors sound familiar?

1, 2 or 3? Then feel free to contact me and we will make an appointment for your personal skin analysis with a recommendation for care cosmetics tailored to your skin.

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