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Balance the acid-base balance

Tea pushes - base bath pulls - Mineral Plus dissolves

Boost your metabolism

Durch die Kombination von Daily Balance Kräutertee, dem Basenbad und dem Mineral Plus ist ein Ausgleich im Säuren-Basen-Haushalt möglich.

A balanced acid-base balance means good blood circulation, especially in the legs. A valuable trio provides support here:

  • Daily Balance Tee
  • Alkaline bath with fango: an alkaline bath to balance the acid-base balance
  • Mineral Plus Minerals, which, as bases, neutralize the acids

Alkaline bath relieves stress

A alkaline bath relieves all excretory organs such as kidneys, intestines and lungs, because the skin has an important role in excretion. Acids and body waste are excreted through the sweat glands. Alkaline applications can effectively support these skin functions.

On the one hand the deposits are neutralized and the skin is thoroughly cleaned, on the other hand a so-called osmotic pressure arises between the body fluids and the alkaline bath water. This efficiently supports and stimulates the excretory function of the skin. This relieves the body and stimulates the self-oiling of the skin.

Problems with cellulite and / or obesity?

Acids in the body are neutralized by bases. These are mainly deposited as neutral acid salts in the connective tissue. Similar to a garbage dump, there is an accumulation of waste materials.

By loosening the slag (by using a lot of water, Mineral plus and regular draining over the skin through full, partial or foot baths with Déesse Alkaline bath) is Cellulite reduced and your own comfortable weight reached faster.

Alkaline bath with fango

The Déesse alkaline bath with fango is completely free of fragrances, colors, preservatives and animal ingredients. Also well suited for athletic and professional overload. Stimulates the skin functions, promotes blood circulation, soothes and firms the skin. The sea salt and sodium carbonate dissolve in the water, while the fine carbonates of calcium and magnesium and the fango powder (volcanic earth) are suspended.

In doing so, they have a positive effect on the conductivity of the water and thereby the contact with the skin. When they sediment, they bind acids, stabilize the pH value and finally form a fine sludge on the bottom of the tub.

The Fango contained in the Déesse Basic Bath is a highly effective mineral mud (made from finely ground, volcanic tuff). Pure mud packs are used for healing purposes, e.g. for back tension and rheumatism. The mineral-rich rock contains many valuable substances.

Alkaline full bath

Particularly suitable for basic body care. The warmth of the water increases the blood circulation in the skin, opens the pores and stimulates the skin's functions. Dosage: 2 - 3 tbsp Déesse alkaline bath, bath duration 30 minutes, temperature approx. 37 °.

Alkaline foot bath

The feet are an important excretory organ. An alkaline foot bath is an effective and easy to integrate measure for alkaline body care into everyday life: 2 teaspoons of Déesse alkaline bath in approx. 3 liters of water, bathing time 20 minutes, temperature approx 37 °.

Article no .:

126120, 250 g. Mineral Plus

126030, 100 gr. Daily Balance Kräutertee

127000, 630 gr. alkaline bath with fango

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