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Déesse Refill-System

Environmental protection and sustainability

The Déesse universal can

The topic of the environment is becoming more and more important and of course Déesse cosmetics also makes a contribution to saving resources and reducing packaging waste. That is why more and more products are offered in the environmentally friendly refill system.

The product to be refilled, which is in a pot (the packaging of which uses less plastic than that of "normal" cream packaging), is placed in a suitable universal can. Once the product is empty, all you have to do is throw away the small pot and refill the empty universal can.

This is how the small potty is removed from the universal box:

An der Aussenwand befinden sich sogenannte „Stege“, damit das Töpfchen in der Universaldose guten Halt findet. Diese Stege verhindern das Drehen oder Bewegen des Inhalts. Um das Töpfchen zu lockern, muss ein wenig Druck unterhalb der Stege ausgeübt werden. Danach kann es ganz einfach rausgezogen werden.

  1. Press your index and middle fingers against the inner wall of the empty pot (as far down as possible).

  2. Move the position of your fingers a little after each "press" so that you have turned a complete circle inside the potty at the end.

  3. Now simply pull the refill pot out of the universal can.

Refill cans are available for the following cosmetic products:

190000 refill can 100 ml

  • 120050 Jojoba Moisturizing Cream
  • 120140 Cell Support Cream
  • 120200 Cream 2000 plus

195000 refill can 50 ml

  • 120470 Vita Q 10 Cream
  • 120150 Jewel Gem Face Cream
  • 120210 AHA night cream
  • 122350 Cream OPC plus
  • 123070 His & Hers Citrus Stone Cream

125590 Refill jar 50 ml

  • 125500 Alpine Concept Tagescreme
  • 125510 Alpine Concept Nachtcreme

191000 Refill-can100 ml

  • 128000 Wellness Rich Handbutter

191010 Refill-can150 ml

  • 128010 Wellness rich foot butter
  • 128020 wellness body cream with Q10

130520 Empty blush cassette

  • 140300 Terracotta
  • 140320 Plum
  • 140330 Deep Plum
  • 140340 Coral-Pink

130510 Empty eyeshadow cassette for 2

  • for all eyeshadow

130500 Empty eyeshadow cassette for 4

  • for all eyeshadow

197030 Empty cassette for powder

  • 130540 Bronzing Powder

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