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Body care with the Déesse apricot line

Imagine you have an hour just to yourself and disappear into your bathroom with cosmetics from the apricot line ...

Body cleansing

First, peel your hands with the Déesse Apricot Scrub so that you can jump into the shower with soft hands.

First you wash your hair gently with the Déesse Apricot hair shampoo and think about how concentrated this shampoo is and how happy it is you that it lasts so long and lasts for many washes.

While you let the shampoo work in your hair, you lather your body with the LAO shower concentrate and a delicate smell of apricot fills your bathroom.

Apply cream to the body

After showering your hair and skin, you dry yourself off and feel how moisturizing the LAO is, because your skin is hardly dry or brittle.

You are still looking forward to creaming your skin with the Déesse Apricot Body Lotion and spreading the apricot oil Elbows, knees, lips and possibly the scar from a caesarean section.


Now that you have slipped into your cozy pajamas, you snuggle up on the living room couch.

To relax, you can drink your freshly prepared Daily Balance Tea .

Then treat your hands to a gentle massage with the Deesse Apricot Hand Cream.