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Proper facial cleansing

Protective mechanism of the skin

Facial cleansing tasks for a perfect complexion

The main task of facial cleansing is to remove dirt. In addition, the facial cleansing should maintain and improve the natural protective mechanism of the skin.

Support the protective mechanism of the skin

From a dermatological point of view, it is advisable to cleanse the face twice a day with a product that does not attack the protective layer of the skin. It goes without saying that you should choose a soap-free product.

The protective mechanism , the protective layer, is generally understood to mean the thickening of the horny layer. This horny layer is said to make it difficult for radiation to penetrate deeper layers of the skin. Cell damage caused by UV-B rays can cause melanocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis.

Important for morning cleansing of the skin

With the facial cleansing products by Déesse, the skin type is less important, since all cleansing products are for everyone skin types are equally suitable. The pore-deep and gentle cleaning is in the foreground here.

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Perform facial cleansing properly

In the first step, a cleansing product suitable for morning cleansing should be placed on a cotton ball in the morning in order to cleanse the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. It is not necessary to rinse off or cleanse with a facial tonic.

The skin is thus well prepared for day care. The 122720 Déesse morning care. This morning ritual cleanses and refreshes the skin and you get a radiant complexion.

Cleansing the skin around the eyes

In the first step, the eye make-up should be removed. Secretions should be removed and the eyelid rims cleaned. The cleaning of the eyelid should be done gently from the inner corner of the eye outwards and under the eye from the outside inwards.

This gently loosens the mascara and eye make-up. Any residue can be removed by wiping it over again without applying pressure.

Two products are recommended for cleaning the area around the eyes:

121010 2- Phases eye make-up remover
121020 Eye make-up remover sensitive

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