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With and without aluminum

Products with and without aluminum are called deodorants. In fact, this term actually only refers to products without aluminum, which do not suppress sweating per se, but only inhibit the unpleasant sweat odor.

A product with aluminum, which causes the sweat glands to contract and thus makes them feel drier, count among the antiperspirants.


Deodorant cream

The only exception is Deodorant Cream, which despite its name is actually an antiperspirant. It impresses with its reliability, effectiveness and subtle perfume.

In addition to its deodorizing and astringent (pore-narrowing) effect, thanks to allantoin and chamomile extract, it can also score with a caring effect.

The deodorant cream is also an excellent partner in the fight against sweaty feet: Simply put some deodorant cream on particularly vulnerable areas on the feet (e.g. between the toes), let it soak in briefly and only then slip into socks and shoes. So your feet will get through the day fresh and dry!

PURE Deodorant Roll-on

The PURE Deodorant Roll-On is without aluminum and the perfect companion. A 100% natural combination of active ingredients with sage oil has a deodorant effect for 24 hours. Thanks to the particularly gentle without aluminum formulation and synthetic perfumes, the deodorant is also suitable for particularly sensitive skin.

Active Protection 24h

The Active Protection 24 h antiperspirant cream offers a wonderfully dry skin feeling and reliable protection against unpleasant odors.

Selected active ingredients reduce sweat production and prevent the development of sweat odor - for 24 hours. Thanks to the light and pleasant consistency, the cream is easy to apply, the delicate scent of rose and jasmine does the rest for an all-round fresh and clean feeling even in stressful situations

Longlasting Deodorant Antiperspirant

In the Antiperspirant Roll-On Longlasting deodorant, an active ingredient narrows the sweat glands, which noticeably reduces sweat production. So you don't have to worry about armpit wetness and unpleasant body odor even on stressful days. The subtle perfume supports the feeling of freshness.

Men Care Deodorant

The Men Care Deodorant convince with sage extract and a mild, plant-based deodorant.

Regardless of which of our proven, masculine fragrances you choose, the more reserved Men Care or the more austere gentleman fragrance, with both you will feel completely fresh even on stressful days - and all that without aluminum.

In addition, both versions pamper sensitive skin under the armpits with nourishing bisabolol and panthenol. By the way: even women who prefer an aluminum-free deodorant with a bitter scent will be happy with this product.

Alaska Deo Antiperspirant

Get this freshness in your bathroom with our Alaska Deodorant Antiperspirant . A selected combination of active ingredients narrow the sweat glands and prevent the development of unpleasant odors. Whether a stressful day in the office or an extensive sporting session - with this deodorant you will get through the day fresh.

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