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Innovative active ingredients against cellulite

The most important ingredient of the Déesse Body Firming line is a Anti-aging complex made from carnosine, lemon balm extract and lecithin.

This complex prevents premature aging and can increase the elasticity of the skin.

Body Firming Line

For loss of elasticity, cellulite and stretch marks

Innovative cosmetics against loss of elasticity and stretch marks

The active ingredient combinations in these firming cosmetics have been specifically developed to meet the respective needs, but also offer a skin-caring care experience. A seductive perfume composition makes this line a relaxing creamy experience.

Body Expert

Firming body cream

The Body Expert firming body cream is a moisturizing and nourishing body lotion. First and foremost, it serves to tighten and strengthen the connective tissue.

The reduction of stretch marks and stretch marks can benefit this body cream.

Suitable for all skin types.

Article no .: 123520, 200 ml

Innovative firming formula made from Bulbine Frutescens & Baobab seed oil, provitamin B5 (panthenol) & Vitamin E

Application :

Massage into the desired areas of the body 1 - 2 times a day after the anti-cellulite serum.

Anti-Cellulite Serum

Apply the anti-cellulite serum against annoying orange peel skin before using the new Body Expert in order to achieve an optimized result.

The formulations of the two products are perfectly matched to one another and together they tighten slack connective tissue even more effectively.

In addition to regular creaming, it is of course also important to adapt your lifestyle accordingly in order to keep the skin as young and healthy as possible. Although we actually know very well that a balanced diet and sufficient exercise lead to a better body image.

Suitable for all skin types.

Article no .: 123510 150 ml

caffeine, artichokes, levan (polysaccharides)

Application :

Apply 1 to 2 times a day to problem areas (stomach, legs, buttocks, upper arms). Only regular use can bring the desired success.

Apply Anti-Cellulite Serum 1 - 2 times a day to problem areas (stomach, legs, buttocks, upper arms). Only regular use can bring the desired success.

Bring your body in top shape

In a Body fi t workshop , we will show you the simple tools that can be used to bring our body into a feel-good mode and tighten the silhouette. There is no need to sign an expensive contract in the gym or to only eat super food.

The right mix makes it!

With a little discipline, exercise, valuable tips and the unique beauty aids from Déesse you can get your body and hair in top shape.

Prepare your body for the outdoor season with our great body formers. It has to be really fun to wear lighter clothes again! This includes our innovative firming experts :

concentrated power with the Anti-Cellulite Serum for the whole body and the complementary cream, the Body Expert !

The exclusive anti-cellulite serum effectively declares war on annoying cellulite and strengthens the connective tissue with its highly active 3-component active ingredient complex.

If our Body Expert is applied as a finish after the Anti-Cellulite Serum , the result is even more effective on the skin, as the valuable ingredients stimulate the lipid metabolism Strengthen connective tissue, compress the skin structure and increase the moisture and elasticity of the skin.

This is how you cream yourself smooth and beautiful.

This power duo can be integrated into everyday life with little effort.

What is cellulite?

To put it simply, cellulite means dents on the surface of the skin that arise when the connective tissue fibers are surrounded by fatty substances and waste products and press against the skin. Bad diet, genetic predisposition and hormonal changes (menopause) are often also to be seen as causes.

There is nothing we can do about such causes, but regular exercise and, in particular, a balanced diet can at least counteract this.

Cosmetics of the Firming line are helpful

The care cosmetics of the Firming line are important components that are helpful for cellulite.

When the anti-cellulite serum is applied, the blood circulation in the skin regions is stimulated. Consisting of artichoke fresh plant extract, caffeine and polysaccharide, this serum promotes lipid metabolism and gives the skin a pleasantly cared-for feel.

The Body Expert Firming Body Cream can, with regular use, help to improve the density and elasticity of the skin as well as to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This body cream gives the skin a lot of moisture. The result is a noticeably well-groomed and smooth skin feeling.

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