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Perfect skin protection with apricot coconut oil

The new Déesse Apricot-Coconut Oil offers exotic, fruity pampering experiences. It is a combination of apricot oil and the cooling coconut oil .

The apricot oil retains moisture, the coconut oil has calming properties. These properties in combination result in perfect skin protection .

Apricot - Coconut - Oil

Coconut oil soothes the skin

The oil is quickly absorbed

The apricot-coconut oil is the exotic brother of the classic apricot oil and is suitable for everyone who is enthusiastic about its care properties, but who prefer a lighter, faster-absorbing alternative.

For sensitive skin

The Déesse Apricot-Coconut Oil is also suitable for sensitive skin.

The ingredient coconut oil makes the skin feel silky. Coconut oil is also suitable for gently soothing stressed skin thanks to its slightly cooling effect.

The exotic, fruity apricot and coconut oil is supported by three other beauty heroes:

Regine Grosch Déesse Consultant

Castor, wheat germ and corn germ oil

Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of the "miracle tree", a wild shrub from West Asia and North Africa. Due to its highly moisturizing properties, it has a water-repellent effect and optimally protects the skin from external influences.

Wheat germ oil has an antioxidant effect and a high content of vitamin E (just like corn germ oil ), which supports the skin's natural protective barrier.

The oil can be applied to rough and dry areas of the body. If necessary, it can also be used as a facial care for very dry skin. It leaves a light protective film on the skin.

Ingredients - pack sizes

Déesse apricot-coconut oil from the apricot line as a 3-piece mini set with 4 ml
Set of 3 with 4 ml mini apricot coconut oil

Déesse Apricot-Coconut Oil is available in: 30 ml or in a 3 mini 3 x 4 ml set (practical for on the go)

Article no .: 30 ml 110090, 100490 Set of 3 Mini

Apricot kernel oil, oil from the seeds of the miracle tree, coconut oil

How is apricot kernel oil obtained? Read here.

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