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Would you like to become a Déesse consultant?

And earn money on the side or full-time?

Earn money on the side or get started full-time!

As a Déesse cosmetics consultant

Become a consultant

Skin care and nutritional supplements

  • Earn money with a part-time job on the side - or full-time
  • Additional bonuses for your success
  • free time management
  • Attractive career opportunities
  • Company cars and pension schemes are part of the career plan
  • NO age limit
  • Compatibility of family and career
  • Free starter kit, therefore no equity required
  • Free education and training
  • Personal support from your team advisor

Success and freedom

Success, freedom and independence - that means independence at Déesse cosmetics. Values ​​such as good cooperation, honesty, fairness and always giving the best are at the top and are lived at Déesse. Jobs are created and social responsibility is taken extremely seriously.

Do you love cosmetics?

That works great. The high-quality Swiss products from Déesse have been popular for generations because they are family-friendly, of unbeatable quality and worth their price. Half a century of family power!

Independent activity

The 50-year success story about the company history of Déesse cosmetics from Switzerland speaks for itself. Around 15,000 consultants worldwide work full-time and part-time with the philosophy of the unique family company - and thus support their own household or family budget, actively top up their retirement provisions or make a living entirely through this enriching, independent activity!

Your own boss

Not on the same wavelength as your manager? Then it's high time to become your own boss! Start your training to become a certified Déesse cosmetic consultant with Déesse. Choose your advanced training modules for the professional training courses according to your personal schedule. In this way, you gain in-depth knowledge in this field step by step and benefit from the knowledge of the experienced trainers and colleagues. The best: the costs for this are borne by. You are just investing your time.

My career at Déesse

I have been a Déesse consultant for 18 years. Read how it came about and how I wrote down my personal success story.

Pamper and advise with beauty and wellness

is the philosophy of Déesse.

Become a Déesse consultant

Déesse cosmetic consultants prepare wonderful care experiences at home or with friends through pampering hours, in individual consultations or at workshops. This work is supported by the company Déesse through events such as beauty trend shows and dietary supplement forums.

Of course, Déesse cosmetics offers attractive earning opportunities, which we should discuss in a personal meeting without obligation.

You are only in the right job when you are looking forward to Monday morning on Sunday evening.

Start your professional career now!

What is expected of you?

Previous education or cosmetic expertise is not a necessary requirement, because you can achieve this in our training courses. You should bring the following points with you:

  • Enjoyment in dealing with people
  • Personal commitment
  • A flair for beauty
  • Attending the training courses and meetings
  • Well-groomed appearance

Why Direct Selling?

  • A business concept that has been tried and tested for years
  • Social & fair system
  • Equal opportunities (every new consultant starts on the same terms)
  • Predestined for the 50+ generation
  • Can be carried out full-time and part-time
  • There is no need to open a cosmetic studio, so there are no costs
  • Very suitable for career changers
  • A simple way to start your own business and to combine family and work

Compatibility of work and family

- that works great!

Because you are self-employed, you have absolutely free time management. But watch out - nothing comes from anything. Regularly exercising your new job and attending training courses and meetings is the sure way to success!

Is that not enough for you?

Do you want to achieve more? That is also possible with Déesse! Of course, you can also advance as a team leader, build your own group and climb the Déesse career ladder.

If you have always loved dealing with people and are also one of those people who, regardless of the group, immediately held an office such as class representative, tutor, group leader or association board member, then you are predestined for the work as a team leader at Déesse.

From practice: Déesse cosmetics training courses are free

Comprehensive training courses impart the necessary specialist knowledge.

Training via zoom, online training and e-learning make it easy to get started.

In addition to the "on-site" training courses, which are currently not allowed to take place due to COVID-19, Déesse has great opportunities in various zoom training courses, which are carried out by trained beauticians, make-up artists and nutritionists. This means that mothers and professionals can easily acquire the knowledge they need for skin care advice online on the couch without any effort (hiring a babysitter, etc.).

Through so-called "WhatsApp parties", a customer base can be built up, which - as soon as possible - can be looked after personally. Talking on the phone with interested parties also helps to get people around you excited about the effective cosmetic and nutritional supplement products from Déesse cosmetics through competent advice.

Furthermore, zoom meetings and various WhatsApp groups give you the opportunity to exchange ideas with your manager, long-term consultants and newly started consultants.
This exchange of experience is extremely important in order to successfully build up your own Deesse business .
And of course, as your manager, I am always at your side with advice via email, WhatsApp and telephone.

Regine Grosch WhatsApp / Tel: +49 (0)178 - 72 48 163

Jump right in

With the basic training courses, which you can repeat regularly, you can get started straight away.

Déesse trainers, who themselves work as successful Déesse consultants and pass on their valuable practical knowledge to you, provide you with the necessary knowledge:

Basic training

  • Starter seminar 1 & 2: for beginners and newcomers
  • Facial care base 1 & 2: skin structure, skin types, cleansing and basic care, peelings [& amp;] masks, special products
  • Facial care special: anti-aging, men's care
  • Intensive facial care: in-depth cosmetic knowledge, everything about the skin
  • Body care Bodyfit: Cellulite - body care - sun care
  • Make-up basis: Déesse make-up world, all decorative products
  • Make-up professional: intensive make-up training, face analysis
  • Food supplements: application and effect, benefits
  • Booking seminar: win new customers
  • Team building: business expansion

Professional training

  • Professional new hires: Valuable tips to inspire new consultants
  • Professional cosmetics: current new products - special products - anti aging - eye care
  • Professional make-up: intensive make-up training, practice: professional make-up
  • Dietary Supplements: Use and Effect of Dietary Supplements - Customer Benefits and Sales Arguments

The Déesse training courses give you the specialist knowledge you need to work as a skin care consultant and with the free starter kit you have everything you need for a professional product demonstration.

Regine Grosch WhatsApp / Tel: +49 (0)178 - 72 48 163

The first step in your professional future can begin here:

Use the adjoining form to contact us for the first time. All essential points should be discussed in a personal meeting.

Personal checklist:


At Déesse you are your own boss! Since he is always good to you, you can organize your time freely for your business. Family and work can be optimally combined at Déesse.


It doesn't matter whether you are in your young 20s or already retired! Every woman and every man over the age of 18 is welcome!


The cosmetics industry has been booming for years and is still a steadily growing market.


All people who care for themselves are your target group! That means: Your potential customers live right next door.


Absolutely! The high quality product range speaks for itself. Déesse supplies top products that are based on valuable, innovative ingredients and whose formulations are based on the latest scientific standards!


Thanks to the high quality of the products and the trust you have built up, loyal customers order their beauty favorites all by themselves.


The family company Déesse has firmly established itself as a lifestyle brand in the cosmetics sector with its extremely fair direct sales system and top-quality products - for almost 50 years!


You start with a starting case that we provide free of charge and that is full to the brim with Déesse must-haves. Déesse pays your training costs for the training courses to become a cosmetic consultant. This means that no special prior knowledge is required. The only thing you have to invest is your time!


No, you are not alone! If you need help getting started, your godmother is always there for you and accompanies you on your way to success.


With your activity you determine your earning and advancement opportunities. Attractive additional bonuses and career opportunities await successful cosmetic consultants. Even a company car and retirement provision are part of the earnings plan!

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