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Extra portion of care

The Déesse Aqua Treatment Night Cream has a richer consistency than the Day Cream and means an extra dose of care and support for the skin in its self-repair.

Aqua Treatment Night cream

The skin's moisture balance is improved

The nourishing ingredients in the night cream pamper your skin while you sleep

  • active moisturizing complex (, urea, glycerine) improves and regulates the skin's moisture balance intensively and sustainably
  • Skin regeneration complex ( shea butter, Vitamin E, amino acids, allantoin) contains valuable depot substances that sustain moisture loss, Counteract dry spots and rough skin

Déesse recommends:

Aqua Treatment Night Cream in the evening on the well-cleansed face and neck and massage in gently.

Ingredients - pack sizes

AT Night Cream is available in: 50 ml

Article no .: 121960

Hyaluronic acid, urea, glycerine, saccharides and Revidrate = improves and regulates the skin's moisture balance over the long term

Shea butter, vitamin E, amino acids and allantoin = intensive cell protection, skin regeneration

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