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Tips for proper hair care

Here are some things to look out for when caring for your hair:

  • Use hair care products that are adapted to your hair. If the schedule allows: let your hair air dry.
  • Your diet goes right down to the tips of your hair:
    Nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements also support the hair. Das Déesse Assortment of nutritional supplements will help you!
  • Extremely dry tips: the apricot spray can help.
  • Make regular hairdressing appointments for split ends and have the damaged ends of the hair cut off. Otherwise the hair will split further upwards.
  • Wash your hair only as often as necessary and make sure that the shampoo is completely washed out with lukewarm, not hot water!

When caring for your hair, you should avoid:

  • Just knead your hair dry, rubbing too hard damages the hair structure and makes it dull.
  • Avoid blow-drying that is too hot and too frequent straightening with the iron.
  • The optimal solution on a “bad hair day”, but a great burden for the hair: the ponytail. Use soft hair ties to prevent hair breakage.
  • The "100 brush strokes daily for shiny hair" are legendary, but such excessive mechanical stress is unfortunately harmful to the hair structure.
  • Never unprotected! UV rays can not only cause massive damage to the skin, they also put a strain on the hair. The Professional Hair Hairspray has UV protection; for daily use, such as on vacation at the beach, the Hair & Skin sun spray with SPF 20 reliable protection.
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