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Sun express for sensitive skin

Promote natural tanning

Tanning accelerator

The Déesse Sonnenexpress is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The Sonnenexpress sees itself as a self-tanner and serves to promote the skin's natural tanning ability.

The exclusive combination of active ingredients from the seed oil of the sponge gourd and tyrosine - an amino acid - stimulates the melanin synthesis and thus promotes the ability to tan as soon as the skin is exposed to solar radiation.

The Sonnenexpress contains tyrosine, cupuacu butter, macadamius and argan oil. Suitable for normal and sensitive skin. The melamine synthesis is stimulated.

Support skin regeneration

The Sonnenexpress also provides the skin with the necessary moisture. This supports skin regeneration.

  • Ideal sun preparation
  • Has a tan-intensifying effect
  • Cares for and moisturizes
  • tested on sensitive skin
ATTENTION : The Sonnenexpress offers no UV protection . Use a sun cream, lotion or spray with a sun protection factor.

Article no .: 122500, 150 ml

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