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Déesse price list 2022

Current price list

I would be happy to send you the Déesse price list 2022. The price-performance ratio is great because the products are subject to the highest Swiss quality control. Déesse completely dispenses with advertising on television, newspapers or fashion magazines and lets this advertising budget benefit its customers and hosts in the form of various offers, i.e. special offers.

In order to promote the quality of the advice provided by the advisors, Déesse invests in the training and further education of the advisors.

As a customer, you benefit in several ways:

  • technically competent advice from trained consultants
  • Cosmetic products with the highest quality control
  • very affordable prices
  • special customer offers special
  • host offers
  • Products that are tailored to the individual skin type

I am happy to inform you about the current prices and if you would like to buy or order Déesse products or would like to know more about our products, please click here.