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You are looking for cosmetics for skin and facial care or Nutritional supplement and do you have any questions about it? Solutions to most requirements are compiled on the "Guidance" pages. From there you can get to the recommended products, which can either be found in the Deesse Online Shop or can be ordered directly from me.

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When the skin needs a lot of care

Cosmetics during pregnancy

Während der Schwangerschaft verändern sich viele Körperteile, z.B. die Brüste, der Bauch, die Haut, die Haare, sowie die psychische Belastbarkeit. Damit Sie sich während der Schwangerschaft „pudelwohl“ in ihrer Haut fühlen ist es wichtig, sich täglich Streicheleinheiten und Entspannung, mit auf ihre Bedürfnisse angepassten Produkten, zu gönnen.

The breasts:

Your breasts will probably be the first thing you notice that you are pregnant. The breasts become heavier and fuller, the nipples become tender, the areola becomes larger and darker. The increased sebum production of the areola should ensure adequate care. If this natural care is not enough, we recommend applying light cream with a vitamin-rich oil, such as our Apricot oil . It contains vitamins A, E and F, protects and nourishes particularly dry skin.
Breastfeeding often puts a lot of strain on the nipples, and sometimes even open spots and crusts form. Allow air to reach the nipples as often as possible and support the healing process by gently massaging apricot oil. Before the next breastfeeding, you should lightly wipe or wash the nipples.

The stomach:

The skin of the belly really does fantastic things during and after pregnancy. First it stretches and then contracts again after the birth. This is only possible due to the special nature of the female connective tissue. To support the skin during pregnancy, applying cream to the stomach twice a day from the beginning of pregnancy with a mixture of 1/2 firming cream + 1/2 apricot oil has proven to be effective.

The connective tissue becomes elastic (it stretches and contracts well after pregnancy), is cared for and moisturized.
The fragrant wellness Tender is also ideal for stomach care Body oil.

Abdominal massage:

Clear your stomach, warm the massage oil in your hands, apply it to your stomach and massage in increasingly larger circles for 3-5 minutes. Then place your hands below the ribs, stroke outwards to the sides and downwards until just above the navel. Repeat 3-4 times. Finally, massage your stomach again in a clockwise direction in the shape of an “e”, placing both hands on your stomach in a comfortable position.

Perineum care:

To prepare for birth, a regular perineal massage with a vitamin-rich oil is recommended. Apricot oil is also ideal for this. It makes the tissue more supple, looser and stretchy so that it can better withstand the stresses of childbirth. Massages performed several times a week can reduce the likelihood of perineal tears or cuts during childbirth.

Bath for relaxation:

Bathing becomes a pleasure for body and mind. The water temperature should not exceed 38°C. After 15 to 20 minutes of bathing, pat your skin dry and allow yourself 30 minutes of rest to fully enjoy the effect.


Many pregnant women complain about dull, pale, lackluster hair. Make sure you eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals and treat yourself to a hair treatment once or twice a week with the Déesse Moisture hair mask. If you have long hair, we recommend spraying the ends of your hair with apricot spray. Washing with a care shampoo - e.g. B. with the Déesse caffeine and green shampoo - protects, regenerates and nourishes the scalp and hair.

Personal care:

Our skin is the largest detoxification organ in humans and therefore requires regular, gentle cleaning that does not damage our acid mantle. The soap-free, biodegradable, nourishing shower and bath products LO are ideal for showering or bathing - Déesse shower concentrates.

Déesse Lotion Rose Originale " LRO“:

Natural bath and shower additive, soap-free, pH skin-neutral, without perfume or fragrances, coconut-based with natural plant extracts such as yucca and aloe vera. Contains skin-protecting and moisturizing components. Did you know that almost every shower gel on the market leaves a residue in breast milk? LRO is completely degradable, meaning it leaves no residue in the breast milk, so no harmful substances can be passed on to your newborn. In addition, our LRO is moisturizing, meaning your skin is cared for while bathing and showering and you can often do without cream afterwards.

Thanks to being pH skin-neutral, i.e. it does not attack the skin's natural protective acid mantle, a baby can be washed or bathed if necessary without any concerns. Our LRO is also ideal for allergy sufferers such as neurodermatitis etc. LRO can also be used for cradle cap.

During pregnancy, showered body skin craves additional care. Wellness body and massage oil or apricot body emulsion are ideal care here. During breastfeeding, however, it is advisable to switch to a weakly scented body cream, as babies also recognize their mother by smell. The Déesse Wellness Body Cream is for this ideally suited.


During pregnancy, some expectant mothers enjoy always being warm enough, especially in winter, due to the changed hormonal balance. However, this can lead to increased sweating in warmer temperatures or overheated rooms.

Cheers to all researchers in the field of cosmetics for the development of deodorants!

A distinction is made here between “antiperspirant” and “deodorant”.
A deodorant prevents the decomposition of sweat by bacteria and thus the formation of odors.

Antiperspirants have the same effect as a deodorant, but they also slow down natural sweating without suppressing it.

The Deodorant cream is also without parabens and with allergen-free perfume. It is particularly suitable for heavy sweating (can also be used for sweaty feet).

It is important to always apply deodorants to cleansed skin.

Leg care:

During the course of pregnancy, the bone structure has to do a lot of work. At the end of a pregnancy, the legs and feet sometimes carry up to 16 kg, and mothers of multiples can sometimes carry an additional 20 kg. Many mothers need new shoes after giving birth because their feet have increased by ½ or 1 shoe size. So always think of your loyal “companions” and pamper your feet and legs with caresses!

  • Removing the callus with the Déesse Callus file (only when dry) is also possible with a large stomach thanks to our handy file
  • Feet with LRO wash. The Déesse Wellness body peeling with fruit enzymes now removes dead skin cells
  • We then recommend a foot bath with the wellness revitalizing bath or the Déesse alkaline bath with fango, which should not last longer than 15 minutes. Dry your feet well!
  • When applying cream to your feet with the Déesse Foot cream or the richer Wellness foot butter you notice already how tender and soft your feet are now. If your stomach is too much of an obstacle, ask your partner for a gentle foot massage!
  • The legs are of course also happy about extra care with the Déesse Gel for tired legs. The ingredients have a cooling, refreshing, stimulating effect against tiredness and blood vessel training, especially for heavy, tarnished legs.

Treat yourself to small breaks from time to time to put your feet up!

And when the baby is here:

Baby massage:

Baby massage, which comes from India, is also becoming increasingly popular with European babies and mothers. Why not attend a baby massage course with your offspring and you will enjoy the exchange of tenderness just as much as your baby does. Apricot spray is ideal for this. Babies can best enjoy the massage when they are not hungry, ideally before bathing.
Attention! Hold baby tightly when bathing - he will be as slippery as a fish after the massage!


Give the baby bath a little splash of LRO or LAO, then dry your baby well (also in the baby fat folds) and, if necessary, apply the new body cream.

Butt care:

It is very important to always clean the delicate bottom of our little ones from urine and stool residue (e.g. with a washcloth and lukewarm LRO water) to prevent them from becoming sore. If necessary, gently pat the skin dry or dry it with a hairdryer. Kicking around with your bare bottom is not only fun for the little ones, it's also good for the skin to get some air. Avoid wet wipes for daily cleaning, they are just an alternative for on the go. Apricot oil has proven to be excellent for inflamed bottoms or diaper rash.

Cradle cap:

In many babies, cradle cap is very stubborn and difficult to remove. Applying apricot oil some time before bathing will soften the scab and you can remove it by lightly brushing or scratching. Multiple treatments are usually necessary.

Sun care, not just during pregnancy:

Sun is very important for our body. It lifts our mood and just 5 minutes of daily sun exposure on the backs of our hands and face results in sufficient production of vitamin D. Since newborns have absolutely no protective skin tan, their skin must be protected with a high level of sun protection product, long-sleeved clothing, a hat and a parasol Protected from direct sunlight.

The Déesse Sun care Products such as the sun cream SPF 30 and SPF 20 bind the sun filter active ingredients to the cells. The cells are better protected and the water resistance of the product is increased. Baby skin also enjoys a cooling, moisturizing after sun lotion after a sunny day. Avoid sun exposure between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. midday. Please also remember to take adequate sun protection when walking in the winter sun (snow reflects).

Why Déesse

Since 1971, Déesse Cosmetics has continuously developed new products with a focus on quality. The customer-friendly sales concept supports the company philosophy. The unique, nature-based products correspond to the latest scientific standards and offer safety and well-being in harmony with nature and the environment.


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