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Du suchst Kosmetik zur Haut- und Gesichtspflege oder Nahrungsergänzung und hast dazu Fragen? Auf den Seiten "Beratung" wurden Lösungen zu den meisten Anforderungen zusammengestellt. Von dort gelangst du zu den empfohlenen Produkten, die entweder im Deesse Online Shop oder direkt bei mir bestellt werden können.

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Regine Grosch

Cosmetic advice

  • when your soul needs a break
  • if strained hands need to be cared for
  • when your feet feel like they are walking on clouds
  • if your skin needs to be pampered
  • if you want expert, personal advice
  • if savings opportunities are important to you
  • if you would like to receive regular information about new products and offers from Déesse

My guiding principle

At a training course I heard the sentence that I never forgot and that I still use today and say:

“I'm in the process of building a Déesse team with people who have just as much fun and joy in advising and selling cosmetics and nutritional supplements as I do (or want to learn) and if anyone knows someone who... If you are looking for a new challenge, are looking for a part-time job or would like to pursue a career in the cosmetics sector, please tell me and I will contact the person without obligation!”

How I came to Déesse cosmetics

I am now 56 years old and have been an enthusiastic Déesse consultant with soul and heart for 20 years now.

How did I become a Déesse consultant?

My first job is as a retail clerk and I also worked at an advertising agency for a while. In my husband's photo studio, I supported him in the shop and office and was of course also responsible for the household and raising the children.

I had nothing to do with cosmetics until one day my husband said that it would be advantageous if I learned how to do make-up professionally, because then I could apply make-up to the women who came to the photo studio to take pictures and thus with the Support the creation of application photos, passport photos and portraits with the appropriate make-up.

As is sometimes the case in life, around the same time our son's godmother came into our photo studio with Déesse apricot peeling and Déesse apricot oil, pampered the employees' hands with a hand peeling, and massaged them with Apricot oil and Hand cream and spread a pleasant Smell of apricot in our photo studio.

Arguments that convinced me
  • Naturally based cosmetics
  • Swiss quality
  • Great price-performance ratio
  • Cosmetics without animal testing
  • Free scheduling and therefore no problem with my main job in the photo studio
  • Free training courses where I can learn everything about cosmetics, make-up and even nutritional supplements
  • The opportunity to get a company car
  • Salary on commission basis
  • Self-employment
  • Retirement provision from a certain rank
  • Product lines from head to toe and for every budget
Without risk or equity

In addition to all these arguments, I was convinced by the free training courses, which I could attend as often as I wanted, because, as I said, I had nothing to do with cosmetics until then.

I also liked the fact that I could have returned the free starter kit at any time if, after a year of “trial period”, I realized that selling and advising on cosmetic products wasn’t for me. So I was able to start my new career as a Déesse consultant without any risk, but with firm trust in the company Déesse cosmetics and the structure and earnings plan!

My first starting evening

My “godmother” accompanied me to my starting evening and helped me explain and introduce the Déesse products to the guests at my friend’s house, whom I was able to inspire as hostess. Every guest was able to enjoy a nice hand massage - I had already learned the strokes at the first Déesse training course - and everyone was thrilled!

This first demonstration was over 20 years ago and there have been many more to date. The ladies at the first screening are still enthusiastic customers and hosts of mine!

Further development

Through the professional training from Déesse cosmetics and the exchange with the other consultants and managers, I became more and more confident in the demonstrations and the day came when I was able to offer “type-appropriate” make-up for photos in our photo studio. After a while there was also bridal make-up and evening make-up as well as color and type advice.

At Déesse cosmetics I not only learned everything about the products for body care, facial care, foot care, hair care and make-up, but also through training in sales, time management, goals and visions, sales conversations on the phone and in Dealing with customers more and more confidently, which promoted my personal development.

Today I am a confident woman who is proud to be at Déesse.

My first company car

And in fact, one person or another kept getting in touch (and keeps getting in touch) and so within my first three years with Déesse I was able to build up a great team of independent, motivated, friendly and collegial Déesse consultants and achieve my first goal - the collection of a Déesse company car – fulfill.

I will never forget the feeling when I was welcomed at Déesse and the nice VW salesman explained my Polo to me, I sat in MY new car for the first time, smelling the leather of the steering wheel and with tears in my eyes and full Proudly completed the first lap.

In the meantime, I picked up the sixth Déesse Flitzer in April 2022 - yes, there is a new car for managers every 3 years - and the feeling of pride and gratitude fills me again and again.

Cosmetics for the whole family

Déesse accompanied our sons through puberty with care products, and my mother enjoyed the best anti-aging products. Friends, acquaintances and neighbors hardly have any skin problems and feel comfortable in their skin and body thanks to the care products and nutritional supplements from Déesse cosmetics.

Traveling with Déesse

Thanks to the opportunity to earn travel points through team building, I have already been with many colleagues and management

  • 2x in Mauritius
  • in Florida
  • Andalusia
  • Thailand
  • as well as several wellness weekends in Austria and Switzerland.

Experiencing the company and its structures makes me even more part of the Déesse company, which I am very proud of.

COVID 19 - a challenge

The Corona period presented us with new challenges, which we mastered and are still mastering well with the support of Déesse cosmetics.

It is possible to attend all training courses online, to organize demonstrations via Zoom or WhatsApp and thus to find new ways of selling cosmetics in the age of digitalization.

I talk to customers and hosts on the phone every day, present current offers and news and am always in touch with my customers and of course also with my consultants, who are located all over Germany.


With my professional career at Déesse cosmetics, I have learned to make the best of every situation and am still very grateful to have a strong partner at my side.

Warum Déesse

Seit 1971 entwickelt Déesse Cosmetics fortlaufend neue Produkte mit Fokus auf Qualität. Das kundenfreundliche Verkaufskonzept unterstützt die Unternehmensphilosophie. Die einzigartigen, naturbasierten Produkte entsprechen dem neuesten wissenschaftlichen Stand und bieten Sicherheit und Wohlbefinden im Einklang mit Natur und Umwelt.


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Regine Grosch
Beratung & Vertrieb
Déesse Kosmetik
Gütersbachweg 10
75323 Bad Wildbad


+49 (0)178 72 48 163


WhatsApp +49-178 72 48 163

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