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You are looking for cosmetics for skin and facial care or Nutritional supplement and do you have any questions about it? Solutions to most requirements are compiled on the "Guidance" pages. From there you can get to the recommended products, which can either be found in the Deesse Online Shop or can be ordered directly from me.

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Men also want to be well-groomed

Cosmetics for him

Men's skin is different

Does men's skin need special care?


  • 124120 After Shave Balm
  • 124110 Eye Cream
  • 124100 Face Cream
  • 124140 Deodorant


  • 124720 Active Care facial lotion
  • 124760 Antiperspirant Roll-on
  • 124710 shower gel
  • 100270 Mini shower gel set of 3

Men's skin is also demanding

Men are aware that true beauty comes not only from the outside, but also from inner care and mindfulness. Beauty cosmetics that work effectively are an important companion that meets the demanding requirements of modern men.

These products are ideal for an active, dynamic lifestyle as they are non-greasy, quickly absorbed and easy to use.

Elegance and sportiness

A fragrant scent accompanies the well-groomed man throughout the day and leaves a unique aura that combines elegance and sportiness. He attracts admiring glances and exudes confidence, even in hectic moments.

Appearance care demonstrates not only external beauty, but also an inner commitment to well-being and self-esteem. A well-groomed man is ready to face life's challenges and pursue his goals with passion.

Characteristics of men's skin

  • Men have a thicker skin structure
  • The skin has an increased production of sebum - this means that young men are more prone to impurities
  • it is a firmer skin (connective tissue)
  • they are mostly insensitive, with the exception of the beard region

Is the skin impure and oily?

Uncomplicated and effective: the Men Care face cream and the Alaska Active Care face lotion are specially tailored to the needs of men's skin. Soothing active ingredients give you power for the whole day!
If you like something a little more substantial, you'll definitely find what you're looking for with one of the tried and tested creams in the 100ml refiil pots.

With the clarifying and refreshing His & Hers series, the “stronger sex” easily gets a handle on that too! All the ingredients contained in this light but effective line ensure a clear and well-groomed complexion.

useful information

Fact check men's skin

Daily care


Cosmetics for skin care for men should be tailored to their skin type. After cleansing, you should cleanse with a tonic , then an eye cream is placed under the eyes to prevent wrinkles and finally the skin is moisturized with a light cream that is not greasy and is quickly absorbed. Men's skin is also happy about a weekly peeling or a mask .

Skin differences between men and women

In women's and men's skin, the dermis and connective tissue are structured differently. The connective tissue in men's skin is firmer, but requires just as much cleaning and care as women's skin. You too want to be well-groomed!

The skin problems of women and men are not very different, both can have impure skin, large pores and skin aging does not stop at both. With age, collagen fibers become slack and inelastic and require cleaning and care.

Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, the selection of products is important when it comes to skin cleansing and skin care. A distinction is made here when it comes to skin type, whether it is normal, dry, impure combination skin or oily skin.

Structure of men's skin

Men's skin is approx. 20% thicker and therefore generally less sensitive than women's skin. However, the skin in the beard region is stressed by daily shaving and is often very sensitive. Men usually develop wrinkles later because the skin has a different structure, contains more collagen and the connective tissue is more tightly networked.

Due to higher sebum production, men tend not to have dry skin, but rather normal to oily skin. The most important components in caring for men's skin are soothing, protecting and refreshing. Men's skin also prefers products that are quickly absorbed, do not leave a greasy film on the skin and are unscented.

Aging of the skin

As we get older, our skin and our appearance change. Wrinkles form and the skin loses its elasticity. Of course, external influences such as UV rays, alcohol and nicotine consumption, and air pollution can also promote the aging process of the skin. Since the middle layer of skin is responsible for the skin's tone, elasticity and stability, it is particularly affected by the aging process because it consists largely of elastin and collagen fibers, which regulate the skin's water balance and volume retained.

As the skin cells get older and older, they lose their tone, stability and elasticity and can store less and less water (i.e. moisture). Hyaluronic acid is considered the main component of skin cells and is able to store large amounts of water. This gives the skin a younger, firmer appearance and appears as if it has been plumped up.

Things worth knowing about caring for men's skin

  • Since a man shaves up to 16,000 times in his life, the skin in the beard area becomes irritated and sensitive more quickly
  • The first signs of skin aging usually appear on a man's face around the eyes, they look tired and the first wrinkles appear.
  • Men's skin ages later than women's, but it ages even faster
  • Men usually prefer light facial care creams that are absorbed quickly and are not greasy, such as the Men Care facial cream
  • Men's skin also needs to be tailored to the skin type Cleansing products, because the “wrong” products can lead to impurities and excessive sebum production. This also applies to women's skin

Things worth knowing about shaving

For most men, daily beard shaving is a matter of course in order to maintain a well-groomed appearance, especially in professional life, where a smooth face is often expected. Choosing between wet and dry shaving is a common decision, with both methods having their advantages and disadvantages.

Dry shaving with a razor is quick and convenient, but often leaves behind stubble and requires special cleaning products to avoid skin irritation. Wet shaving offers a closer result and better adapts to the shape of the face, but requires the use of shaving foam or gel to reduce skin irritation. A soothing after-shave care is important after both methods to keep the skin healthy maintain.

Why Déesse

Since 1971, Déesse Cosmetics has continuously developed new products with a focus on quality. The customer-friendly sales concept supports the company philosophy. The unique, nature-based products correspond to the latest scientific standards and offer safety and well-being in harmony with nature and the environment.


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