Cleansing & care of the facial skin

Normal skin is fine-pored and well supplied with blood. It feels supple, is well greased and well moisturized. The nose and chin area may show some larger pores. Déesse offers cosmetics that are suitable for normal skin.

Cosmetics for normal skin

Properties of normal skin

If the sebum and moisture levels are balanced, one speaks of normal skin (Eudermia). normal skin is delicate and fine-pored. It reacts rather insensitively to environmental influences. The skin changes in the course of life, so mostly only younger people have normal skin.

As a preventive measure, so that it stays beautiful for a long time, we recommend careful skin care with mild products that do not have a drying effect.

How do you recognize normal skin?

The characteristics of normal skin are:

  • fine pores all over the face
  • the skin is firm, rosy and delicate
  • it has no impurities (exception: possibly every four weeks)
  • the fat-moisture ratio is balanced
  • There is no feeling of tension
  • the skin is mostly insensitive

Facial care - the secret of beautiful skin

Déesse eye make-up remover, toner, cleansing gel
Déesse facial cleansing cosmetics

A rosy, youthfully fresh complexion can be achieved with a steam bath, because it opens the pores. Once a week, we recommend a peeling , this gently removes dead skin cells. Then the skin feels silky soft, the skin appears fine-pored and shows a clear, healthy complexion.

Facial cleansing for normal skin

Behind comprehensive facial care is the daily facial cleansing including the neck and décolleté.
To maintain healthy facial skin it is important to wear the protective acid mantle to receive.

At Déesse, after determining your skin type and receiving appropriate advice, you will receive the perfect cleaning and care product for your skin type.

Cleansing Milk

(122730): cleanses deep into the pores and nourishes - also suitable for dry and sensitive skin

mild facial tonic

(122750): removes residual cleaning products; the normal pH of the skin is restored. The complexion is cleared

mild cleansing gel

(122740) : gentle and thorough removal of dirt and sebum; cleans deep into the pores and nourishes

morning care

(122720): cleanses and refreshes the skin; moisturizes and smooths. Cares for and protects against drying out during cleaning.
The morning care prepares the skin for the day make-up

Creams for the care of normal skin

Moisturizing gel cream

The Moisturizing Gel Cream is a light day cream with a high proportion of aloe vera, the well-known desert plant, enriched with natural oils to nourish the skin with moisture. You will be caressed with a pleasant scent.

The gel cream gives the skin a refreshed feeling.

Almond Oil Face Cream

The Almond Oil Face Cream from the Almond Care Line is particularly suitable for sensitive and delicate skin in young people without blemishes or in older people who love the feel-good scent of sweet almonds. Jojoba oil and Shea - and Cocoa butter make the skin soft to the touch. The face cream is absorbed well, even though it is rich.

Jojoba moisturizer

The Jojoba Moisturizing Cream is not only popular with normal skin but also with combination and sensitive skin. The jojoba oil it contains is one of the most popular oils in cosmetics, because together with skin-protecting and moisturizing ingredients, the result is a light, quickly absorbed and moisturizing face cream.

The Jojoba Moisturizing Cream is a practical Refill available, ie universal jar bought once, the cream as Replace refill. This protects the environment.

The individually combinable care system is also suitable for normal skin Combine to Shine, C2S for short.

C2S Combine to Shine Face Cream Light

(123800) C2S Light: Light 24h cream. Immediately absorbed, moisturizes and supports the natural protective skin barrier

C2S Combine to Shine Face Cream Rich

(123810) Combine to Shine C2S Rich: extensive 24h- Cream. Thanks to shea butter and berry wax, it leaves your skin feeling well cared for over the long term

Scrubs and masks for normal skin

Enzymatic peeling

(120580) A mild peeling without granules. It gently but thoroughly removes dead skin and excess sebum

Peeling for sensitive skin

(120620) Mechanical peeling with natural polylactides from lactic acid. Impurities and dead skin are gently loosened and removed


(120640, neuer Name: Silvery Mask) Reinigt, entspannt und pflegt die Haut


(120650) Vitalisierende und feuchtigkeitsspendende Maske mit Sofortwirkung


(120690) Diese Maske wirkt kühlend und befeuchtet die Hornschicht. Gibt müder Haut wieder Spannkraft

Aprikosen Scrub

(120630) Dieses Peeling ist auch das Gesicht geeignet, bei unempfindlicher Haut

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