Dry skin is often very sensitive

dry skin (xeroderma) is narrow-pored and without shine. It is brittle and usually very sensitive. Therefore dry skin tends to couperose (dilated blood vessels).

Cosmetics for dry skin

Cleansing & caring for the skin

Avoid wrinkling

  • This skin type needs both moisture and oil. Skin diseases such as neurodermatitis or psoriasis promote dry skin.
  • dry skin tends to redden and wrinkles more quickly. It looks uneven and has rough spots.
  • If you have dry skin you should start good care as early as possible in order to avoid wrinkling.

How do you recognize dry skin?

The characteristics of dry skin:

  • Dry skin has fine pores
  • she is thin and delicate
  • it has too little moisture and too little fat
  • it has no imperfections
  • it does not tend to have red veins
  • Often prone to early (dryness) wrinkles, especially around the eyes
  • With dry skin, you feel tight

The excessive dryness of the skin is attributed to insufficient water content in the cells and an underproduction of the sebum glands.

Ideal care for dry, sensitive skin

Skin cleansing:

Cleansing Milk

(122730) for normal and dry skin, with moisturizing care components

Mild Facial Toner

(122750) for normal and dry skin, moisturizing and refreshing after cleansing, without alcohol

Aqua Treatment cleansing gel

(121900) cleanses intensively and gently. Provides a wonderfully refreshing feeling

Aqua Treatment balancing facial toner

(121910) refreshes and neutralizes the facial skin. A special complex of active ingredients moisturizes and invigorates the skin and ensures a pleasant feeling of freshness

cleaning oil

(120390) cleanses gently but thoroughly. Moisturizes and brings the lipid balance in the skin into balance

Masks: 2-3 times a week

Anti-stress mask

(120650) the push up for the face. Firming effect mask, gives the skin quick relaxation. Soothing, moisture-binding, invigorating

Moisturizing mask

(120690) vitalizing cream mask, especially for dry, dehydrated skin. Smoothes, moisturizes and soothes the skin

Aqua Treatment Gel Mask

(121930) provides an immediate kick of freshness and moisture. Has a cooling and relaxing effect. Firms and refines stressed skin

Basic care for dry skin:

Cell support cream Ultra Riche

(120140) highly effective cell protection cream for dry skin, restores the balance of moisture and fat. An anti-aging complex supports the reduction of wrinkles

Almond oil creme

(121430) for children, adolescents and adults. Has a soothing, caring and protective effect. Particularly recommended for dry and sensitive skin

C2S Combine to Shine

(123810) Face Cream Rich : rich 24-hour cream. Thanks to shea butter and berry wax, it leaves the skin feeling well cared for over the long term. The rich texture supplies the skin with moisture and lipids and supports the natural skin barrier. Suitable as a stand-alone care product for uncomplicated and young skin that is prone to dryness.

(123820) Fresh Look: quick beautifier for tired people and pale skin caused by stressful phases and little sleep. Awakens the skin, invigorates it and immediately gives it a fresh radiance. The result is instantly smoother, plumper and fresher looking skin.

(123830) Zen Feeling: quick help with irritated, tense, reddened skin caused by stress, temperature fluctuations and other external influences. C2S Concentrate Zen Feeling lays on the skin like a balm, soothes it and makes the skin feel pleasant.



The rich AND the soothing face cream

for dry skin


Your skin is tight, is it often flaky and rough? Then the Cell Support Cream with proven lanolin for a moisturizing effect is just right for you. Dry skin needs care with sufficient lipids so that the moisture is retained in the skin and does not "evaporate". Hyaluronic acid and a peptide combination complete this cream. Look forward to a well-groomed and relaxed skin feeling with an unobtrusive, pleasant scent.

Greentea cram

If the dry and possibly sensitive skin occasionally shows small imperfections, the green tea extract in the green tea cream is just right. The green tea cream Urea counteracts itching and dryness.

The green tea cream has a pleasant smell, leaves the skin feeling well cared for and soft to the touch and is quickly absorbed by the skin.

no longer in the range

Have a look at the Apricot Line . The valuable vitamins of the apricot oil can work wonders as night care for your facial skin.

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